Welcome to St Michael’s Orthopaedic Association

St Michael’s Orthopaedic Association is a group of orthopaedic surgeons offering a high standard of healthcare in the downtown Toronto area.

We offer services from spine, upper limb, sports surgery, foot and ankle and  hip and knee joint replacements. We take tertiary referrals from the province of Ontario and beyond for cases that may be better treated here.

We are a level one trauma unit taking major trauma from the Province and locally.

We have the highest levels of support and care from Surgical ICU, cardiologists and support staff.

All our surgeons are academics and also hold the rank of Assistant, Associate or full Professor at the University of Toronto and observe the best level evidence medicine. We have posts for higher level fellowship training trainees from around the world.

Above all, we offer the best orthopaedic care and consideration to all our patients.

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